Flexi-Hex the recyclable sports packaging


Travel and ship your parcels safely while preserving nature!

Flexi-Hex revolutionizes the board’s packaging but not only! We are pleased to announce that Colisport service will distribute the packaging in France and Europe. The goal of Flexi-Hex is clear: Remove plastic from the packaging industry and raise awareness of the environmental threats currently facing our world. With approximately 8 million tons of plastic dumped into the ocean each year, their philosophy is focused on creating practical and innovative solutions that help reduce the amount of packaging waste ending up in marine environments.

With a patented honeycomb design made of paper, the packaging is durable, strong, but also adaptable and biodegradable. The result is an environmentally friendly product that does not compromise on quality and functionality.

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Flexi-Hex sales point in Europe


OUPS! There are no Flexi-Hex outlets yet. Take advantage of it! Become the first in Europe and benefit from our audience. We are looking for sales points to sell the Sleeves individually in each country.