How to add a product?
Step 1 Registration and Login 

To be able to add and sell a product on, you need to Register and/ or Login the platform.

Step 2 Add a product

Now it’s time to add a product and restock your own surf shop! You can add a product on your personal Surfshop on any time you want. You just need to click on the “Add a product" button on the platform, which is located on the top of each Surfsnb page next to our logo. If you want to add a product now, please click the following link:


1. Choose a main category for your product (Windsurf, Kitesurf, SUP, Surf, Action Cam, Surf wear).

2. Select the subcategory which matches your product.

3. Select the brand of your product. If your product’s brand is not on our data base, please send us an email at We will be glad to add the brand in our database.

4. Select the production year of your product.

5. Create a title for your ad! Make sure your title makes sense as the title is really important and will be the first thing potential buyers see.

6. Add a description of your product describing accurately the condition of the equipment, the reason why you are selling it, the way you treated it etc.

7. Add the price of the item you want to sell. This price will automatically be shown in Euro, so please do not enter anything else than numbers. Try to be as fair as possible.

8. Rate your product: Give a note from 5 to 1 choosing from our 5 different “Equipment condition notes”. You will find a short description for each note, explaining what each note means. (1= very bad, 5= very good).

9. On the custom product attribute you can add important additional information regarding your product (example: volume, length, height…).

10. Add pictures! Choose a “featured picture” which will be on the top of your insert. As this is the first picture the buyer will see, make sure that this pic promotes your product in the best way. You can add 3 more pictures, which will be viewable when the buyer clicks on you add.