Leave feedback


You can leave feedback for other members you've had transactions with, in order to let other customers know about your experience dealing with them. As a seller, you will be able to collect rates. The better the rates you collect are, the higher goes your chances to sell your items on Surfsnb.com!

You can leave feedback by giving a rate once you have purchased a product on Surfsnb.com.

Any Feedback you leave is public and  permanent, so make sure that your comments are fair and factual. If there is a dispute, try to resolve differences before leaving feedback.

How to leave feedback after your transaction?

Once he or she received the package, the buyer has 10 days to rate your transaction. This rate is determinate on your communication, the description of your product and the value for money. Depending on all of these elements the rate can rather be positive or negative.  

1.  Rate the seller by choosing stars on a scale ranging from 1 to 5.

2.  Leave a short comment in which you describe your experience with this seller and let the community know if you recommend or not to deal with him / her. You will be able to visualise this text before publication.  

3. You can also send a « Hangloose » to the seller to thank him /her for its effectiveness. (Coming soon)

How to choose your ratingstars?

To recommend: the product was delivered quickly, the seller described the product perfectly – or the product was even better than in the description- and the communication was very good and easy. This seller has a good head for business!

Very good: the product was delivered quickly, there were no problems or negative surprises by receiving the product and the communication was good.

Satisfying: The delivery of the product was o.k. and the description of the product was correct. The communication with the seller worked.

Unsatisfying: The description doesn’t match the product; the product delivery was really slow and the communication was far too complicated.

To avoid: The seller gave me a wrong description of the product and uploaded pictures which did not represent the product he sent me. I had to remind him to send me the product and communication was quite difficult

Why should I leave Feedback?

Your feedback is really important for the community! By giving feedback to the seller you had a transaction with, the other users of Surfsnb.com will now if they should or not trust this member.