Interview with Hannes Unterweger at Freak surf station

Hannes ! Good to see you, you look good!   

Hello Nina ! Thank you 😊   

Thank you for taking the time to chat with us. Tell us a little bit about your FREAK windsurf station…

The FREAK station has been in existence since April 1, 2004. For the last 14 years it has been a big concern for us to offer our surfing customers the latest JP and NP material. From the beginning of May until the end of October you can have a lot of fun with our 80 boards and 120 sails! Of course we from the Freak-Team are always around: I am supported every summer by professional windsurfer Julien Mas, handsome Lukas, top receptionist Andi, Greek physicist Panao and future Babylon Berlin actor Alex ! We are just really cool guys 😉

What kind of conditions is the equipment at the Freak Surfstation suitable for?

Our material is ideally suited for all conditions from 4 – 8 Bft. From beginner equipment to freestyle boards, freestyle waves, freeride, intermediate and children’s equipment. Everything is there: everyone can surf with us – no matter how good or less good you are.

Which clientele visits the Freak Surfstation? 

Windsurfers come from all over the world to our Palekastro Freak surf station: from Austria, Germany, Italy, France…but also from Japan and the USA. Palekastro is the top spot for beginners, professionals, hobby surfers, families, but also singles who want to meet like-minded people.

That sounds great! But tell me, how does it work when people want to rent equipment from you? Do you rent a board and a sail for the whole day?

At the FREAK station we rent by means of a pool system: every guest can choose boards and sails every day according to the conditions. However, if someone only wants a certain board for the whole holiday, we can reserve it for you. The selected sails are mounted on the boards by our team, of course we are always happy to help you choose the right sail sizes. To ensure that there is always enough choice and, above all, that the material is preserved, boards and sails never remain in the sun for longer than 4 minutes. Our team will take care of it.

Does this mean that the same material can withstand an entire season?

In any case, the material would last a whole season – after all, we relax the sails every evening and rinse them off. But to be absolutely sure that our guests will be able to ride optimal equipment also in September, we renew the sails again and again during the season.

So if I understand that correctly, there is a second life after the season for your boards and sails?

Absolutely ! Since 14 years I have been selling my material every winter, preferably on !

Cool ! Thank you Hannes for the nice talk. Finally, can you tell us what no one should miss in Palekastro?

Watch the starry sky on the beach with new moon, preferably in mid-August. There are few places in the world where you feel so close to nature!

Thanks again for your time! See you on the water 😉

More info about the Freak surf station :  freak surf website

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Freak Surf Shop

What is the gear you can find in Freak surf shop or similar shop?

Neilpryde sails : Wizzard, Combat, Fly, Hellcat

Jp australia Board : Freestyle, Freestyle-wave, freeride

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