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Kanoa – Eggplant 6’2



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Product No.: sku_82041


Eggplant 1-5 foot wave performance groveler Kinda looks like an Egg but does perform like a power plant. This beauty deserves the name of being a real summer groveler. Low entry rocker, wide nose and loads of planning surface guarantee fun in smaller waves. However the outline with the slight tapering towards the squash tail keeps it quick and agile on the backfoot. No need to change your board once the swell picks up. Thanks to the thin rails and Spiders unique railwork the Eggplant also feels comfortable in more powerful waves and higher speeds. The shape also works perfect on riverwaves, especially on weaker ones. That’s why from sizes 5’3 up to 5’8 the Eggplant comes with our Triple Rail Layer glassing, making it extra tough for the riverbanks. The bottom is shaped with a single to double concave, finishing with a slight vee towards the tail, helping to initiate your turns. A touch of vee in the nose saves your paddle energy. To put it in an Egg Shell – this thing is a must have in your quiver. No matter if it is your performing summer groveler or your first approach to a shorter board Board Construction PUJ Size Width Thickness Volume 5’3 20 2 3/8 27,43 L 5’6 20 1/2 2 7/16 30,2 L 5’8 20 3/4 2 1/2 32,22 L 5’10 21 2 9/16 34,07 L 6’0 21 1/3 2 5/8 36,9 L 6’2 21 7/8 2 5/8 40,14 L 6’4 22 2 7/8 43,88 L 6’6 22 2 7/8 45,8 L

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