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JP AllRide 96l H27

Good condition


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Ships From: France

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JP AllRide 96l in good conditions

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Jp Australia


Good condition


  1. Hi Lukas,

    That’s very kind of you. For sure it’s ok for me! thanks a lot for this gesture.
    I actually made the bank wire (350€) this morning so I guess it will take 2-3 days for you to have the green light from surfSnB website to proceed to the shipment of the board (if I understand properly the process). Wait and see.

    Have a nice evening,


  2. Hi Nicolas.

    I asked for the price, but they told me, they will know the exact price after delivery and it will be like I said, around 130, 140€.

    I will take care for the amount above 100€.

    Is it ok for you?
    Best regards

  3. Hi Lukas,

    Many thanks for your answers. Still interested with this board. That’s why I’ ve just launched the payment process, waiting for the shipment proposal from your side. Hopefully you will get a price that is rather close to 120€ than 140€!
    Just one last question regarding the year of production of the board : it seems that it’s rather 2013 than 2012, according to the paintings of the board we can see on the pictures you put for this ad vs jp australia 2013 official catalogue (

    Thanks and have a good day,


  4. Hello,

    Could you please confirm the following points :
    – Can you organize a shipment in France (Avignon) and for how much?
    What is the construction (FWS/ES) and the year of production of the board?
    – is the board in good condition as suggested?
    – is the board delivered along with the fin (30cm?) and straps (4?)?

    Many thanks for your answers,



    • Hi Nicolas.
      Thanks for your message. How are you?

      For your questions:
      I can organize a shipment to France, the price is always a bit different. I think between 120€ and 140€. I will ask for the right price.

      The construction is FWS and the board is from 2012. It was also only in 2012 on the water. Ts in good condition.

      I have 3 footstraps and a 30 cm fin with this board.

      Thanks. Looking forward to hearing from you.


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