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PATRIK AIRINSIDE 140 litres (2295mm x 849mm) Deep Tuttle box Foil ready 10 months old boards, ridden less than a dozen time. This hollow construction is simply unique. The ultimate racing machine…. Not cobra boards, made in Europe. Advantages of AIRINSIDE construction: Up to 1kg lighter than any other board in the same category. Highest weight/strength ratio compared to any other construction on the market. Fin box, mast track and strap inserts: Except for the footstrap plastic insert all parts are from Carbon and Honeycomb. The tensile and compressive strength of every part has been mechanically tested. It is so strong that either the pressure gauge stopped at 1 tone, the webbing of the straps ripped, the screws snapped and/or the thread pulled out. Every board is foil ready and the fin box is by far the most solid box on the market. The fin and/or foil sits inside the fin box as if it were built out of one piece with the board. Every foot pressure is transferred directly onto the foil and you can steer and control your gear with less effort and fly over the water in a much more relaxed body position. The full hull layers in combination with the internal structure allow control of the twist and flex like a laminated fin. Incomparable precise measurements and finish within the same model/size ensure each board is uniform. The boards are in really good condition, used only a couple times for racing. Comes with foot straps, air vent valve and adjustable cut-out plates. RRP on these is 3200 euros… + shipping. Price is available upon request but keep in mind that these boards are extremely rare and hard to get. Visible in Gruissan, FRANCE Kind regards, Max

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Very good condition


  1. Dear Max,
    How is the board?
    Has it any repair or damage?
    Why white color turn to yellow at borders and the down back part?
    Thank you.
    Best regards,

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