Valencia, Spain

Goya Banzai 6.0

Very good condition


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Ships From: France

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4 batten wave sail from Goya, amazing perfomance in all kind of conditions.

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Very good condition


    • apparently you new to request me for the other sail too. so im gonna deny the request you made me, and make a new one with both sails, and 35€ of shipping. This is what the webmaster told me….

      Admin comment : You can add 2 product in one request. You can start requesting the https://surf.sellandbuy.online/products/windsurf/goya-banzai-4-0-2/ then click on continu shopping and add the other sails to your cart. As soon as your request is done for both sails : The seller will send you a shipping proposal and once you accept, you can pay online.

    • postage is around 35€ (im gonna try to pack it small, so is cheaper for you). I will have it ready in a and hour, if you make the payment, i ask for the shipping asap.

    • ok, duncan im gonna try to pack everything as good and small as possible, and let you know. For payment you have to do it thru the website i guess

      • That would be great. You might need to complete a combined listing for the two sales. I have never used this website site, but is looks like I pay the website and then they pay you. Is this correct? Regards Duncan

  1. Hi Rafael,
    The postage sounds good.
    I am also interested in your Banzia 4.0.
    Would you sell the 6.0 and the 4.0 for €500 plus shipping?
    How should I pay?

    • Hi duncan. I think 500€ is to cheap. Bear in mind that the 4.0 is 330€ so add to the other one would make a total of 610€. Lets do it for 550€ plus shipping

  2. Hi Rafael,
    Did you compete?
    My address is;
    Duncan **********
    LL24 0EA
    Have you got any other 2018 Goya Banzai for sale?
    Thanks Duncan

    • Hi Duncan
      I have found a shippment around 30€ to this adress:
      LL24 0EA – Capel Curig
      Is what i found on the website i normally use.
      I have a 5.0, 4.7, 4.5 , 4.2 and 4.0 also, there all posted here

      Sorry for the delay, im not at home right now. I would need your adrees in order to calculate the shipping cost. Im gonna be out till next monday, im in the PWA in Bonaire :), but i can try to find shipping solutions

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