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Jp thruster quad 76L 2017

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Jp thruster quad 76L 2017

Deux petits éclats de peinture, sur le pont et dessous de la planche.

The Thruster Quad is a fast and exciting board which builds up speed rapidly and feels lively and exciting. The speed potential comes from the flat bottom line inside the concaves under the foot straps lifting the board onto the plane early and accelerating rapidly. You can exploit its velocity in all water states to launch off every wave to insane height and thus it even qualifies as bump and jump high wind board.

Jp thruster quad

The Thruster Quad is the all-rounder in the JP wave range, designed to work in all conditions, making the most of your precious wave sailing time. It is wavier than all its predecessors, more fun to ride and the most-used board of the JP team riders on the PWA tour. Robby Swift K-89, Jules Denel FRA-41 and Leon Jamaer G-208 enjoy them on the water.

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Thruster Quad


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Good condition




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