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Sailloft Quad 4.8

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Sailloft Quad 4.8

Sailloft Quad Used sail for sale Thanks to its revised shape, the new Sailloft QUAD offers even better handling without losing any planing power. The top of the sail is fitted to each different sail size. As result, it delivers even more control and an extended wind range. Due to its unbowed foot the Sailloft QUAD offers even more manoeuvrability which is perfect for ducking the sail in all varities of freestyle power moves. Besides a new arrangement of 4mil X. Ply, which makes the sail virtually indestructible, we have managed to reduce the weight of the sail again, benefiting both Wave and Freestyle pros. Whether you are a hardcore wave surfer or a freestyle-pro, even if you are a beginner, our lightest sail in our range is the right choice. Highlight: The four batten design stands for awesome smooth handling with maximum early planing power and a huge range of control that delivers extra air time. Disciplines: Freestyle/Wave Source :  

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Decent condition



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  1. Hi Gerhard!

    Please Contact me on Facebook, and i can send pictures tell the story of the sail
    Name: Balázs ************
    Pic: windsurfing one

  2. Good day!
    How strongly was the sail used? Was it fully used for 3 seasons? Is the sail damaged or were reparations done? Is the x-ply still in good condition?
    Thanks. Have a nice christmas.
    Gerhard *********

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