Wavre, Belgium

Severne Blade 2015

Very good condition


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Ships From: France

Product No.: sku_115916

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Weight 4 kg
Dimensions 170 × 30 × 30 cm
Surface (M²)











Very good condition


  1. Hi Aaron ….
    it’s been a while since I could connect again to this site, technical problems on their side.
    It’s everything clear now?
    let me know because I don’t really know what’s the status …

  2. Don’t really know how it works …
    If not, you can issue two different payments for each sail, and I’ll ship everything in one hit.
    Once I receive the payment, I’ll be notified, and then I’ll proceed with the shipping.
    After that, they will put us in contact I guess, and we will arrange ourselves

  3. Hi Aaron …
    I think I send the request ….
    Just to clarify …. I’ll pay the shipment costs, no problem
    I think that next steep is accepted my shipment request (it’s weird because I’m the one paying, and shouldn’t be involved)
    Let me know

    Admin Comment : As the seller you have to select “my own shipping” then put for exemple 1€ “can’t be 0€ then you choose “I pay the shipping or the seller pay the shipping cost” then you send. As the buyer you just need to accept the shipping cost and you will be redirected to the payement page. If you want 2 sails, you can also add them in 1 cart and then make the request in the same way so you can pay the 2 sails in one time.

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