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Spine Avanti 400cm

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Very good condition

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  1. Julian, please let me know wich number are on the 400 mast beginning with AS…. ! Also # from 370 if you can find this.
    From next Friday to Sunday I am only late afternoon in Wien but we can definitely find time to meet each other.

    • Hi Darek, I have added 1 picture with serial number on the product. I will have no 370 unfortunately. My friend don’t want to sell at the moment. Please confirm me you take the 400 because I received few days ago a new request on surfsnb. Thanks

  2. Hey Darek ,Sorry for the delay, I was really busy with the world cup in Bonaire I’m comming to wien on the 28 or 29 for the surfworldcup. So you don’t have to pay for the shippment.
    Let me know if it’s ok for you ? then I send you a shipping proposal with 0€ .
    Unfortunatly my dad didn’t found the 370. so it has been probably sold or one of my friend took it when I was not here 🙁
    I have no idea about the serial number but i can ask my dad to look for you and I let you know

    • BTW: My english is not so good, but Dr. Google help me
      You have my phone number: *************************
      If you give me yours I can call you no matter where you are in

    • Hi Julien, first my congratulations on defeating Gollito in Bonaire!!!
      Its fine if you com to our Lake Neusiedl.
      Let your dad see for 370 once more… or ask all your good friends…
      The best thing you do is drive the mast into your car and when you’re in Austria we meet and I’ll give you the money for the mast. Would it be okay for you?

      • Thanks !
        Yes I will check with my friend if they have it and if they want to sell it.
        If you don’t mind I would prefer that you pay online. but no worry, I will receive the money only once you confirm that you recieved the mast.

        • Hi Julien,
          I would rather look at the mast before I transfer the money, but if you can assure me that the 400 Spine C-100 is in very good condition (not bent, without hairline cracks etc.), I would transfer the money online without any problems.
          I would actually need 370 cm more than the 400 since my 5.0 Avanti sail works very well with my old 100% Severne Red Line mast with Hard Top. But I would prefer to sail an original mast on the Avanti sail …
          I could then sell Severne mast more easily because the Severne products are much more common than Avanti on our Lake.

          • Hi Darek,
            Yes I can assure you the mast is in very good condition. I’m not sure the mast even touch the water but this, I can tell you next friday ;).
            I let you know if I find a 370mast.


  3. Hi Julien, please tell me if the price includes shipping to Vienna?
    I would like to buy the 370 mast to and I’m waiting for your offer for both masts 370 & 400.

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